Rotors 876mm outside diameter 112 slots

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EELL are able to produce all sizes of laminations from very small to very large diameters, up to 1500mm.

Laminations can be supplied loose or assembled i.e.: welded (our welding facilities include MIG, TIG, pulse, manual, automatic and robotic), cleated, e bonded, glued, riveted, interlocked packs and diecast rotors.

We pride ourselves on competitive prices that do not interfere with the quality of product.

Our product range includes:

  • Loose Laminations:  stamped, laser, notched, rotor, stator, segment, pole, transformer (E&I), custom, linear, skewed, tapered, spider, insulators
  • Assembled packs, cores and pole bricks: : welded, bolted, riveted, cleated, interlocked, glued, E bonded
  • Vent & End Plates: spot welded, riveted, welded, sandwiched fingerplates, ebonding.
  • Pole Laminations: welded, bolted, riveted

Our services include:

  • Tooling and Engineering
  • Laser Cutting
  • E-bonding cores
  • Die Casting
  • Segmental Notching
  • Cores Assembly
  • Blank and notch / multi operational production
  • High speed production
  • Mass production of large laminations
  • Prototype and sampling
  • Coating

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