Rotors 876mm outside diameter 112 slots
Rotors 876mm outside diameter 112 slots

Protoype to Production

Prototype Manufacturing Services

Your lamination prototype is in good hands with the experts at EELL. For many years, we have provided design engineers fast prototyping services in a wide range of industries and applications.

We effectively communicate your project status and walk you through every step of the prototype cycle. Whether you require loose laminations or a complete stacked assembly, our manufacturing operations are designed for maintaining fast turn-around and expedited delivery.

Production Manufacturing Services

Once your prototype achieves functionality, efficiency and quality, our manufacturing centers can quickly and cost effectively scale-up production to high-volume runs. We will help you determine the best manufacturing process available for your project, and assist in tailoring a customized manufacturing solution in one, or a combination of the following manufacturing methods; Laser Cutting, Lamination Stamping, Rotary Notching, Segment notching.

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