About EELL

European Electrical Laminations Limited is a privately held British owned company. Our purpose is to provide our customers with the very best service available in the Electrical Lamination Stamping Industry.

EELL's employees, most of whom have many years of knowledge and experience in the manufacture of electrical steel laminations are the life blood of the company and our most valuable assets. Their enthusiasm and dedication will ensure that our customers receive service and quality of product which they expect and deserve. We operate from three modern sites all located in West Midlands England.

We are the reliable partner for electric motor and generator manufacturers, motor repair companies and research organizations. Our laminations and assemblies are used in motors and generators worldwide. They can be found in power stations, hydro power plants, wind generators, ships, submarines, aircraft, automobiles, trains, lifts, domestic appliances etc.

EELL have developed patented methods of production which not only save cost for our customers but enable high speed production of even large diameter laminations. Working closely with our customers, we adopt a flexible approach to the design of tooling to encompass potential production cost savings with their final design.

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