Rotors 876mm outside diameter 112 slots
Rotors 876mm outside diameter 112 slots

Laminations for Motor Repair

EELL offers different manufacturing solutions to replace laminations on a single motor core or multiple motor cores.

Often during the process of a motor core evaluation, it is determined that the motor laminations within the motor core must be replaced in order to get the machine back to normal operating conditions. This is where we can help.

Whether you are looking to replace motor laminations in a single motor core or have applications where multiple motor cores are replaced, EELL offers several manufacturing solutions that can be tailored around your projects particular needs.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a viable and flexible solution for motor core lamination applications that require a quick turn around. Often, time is of the essence in these situations and it is imperative that the critical motor get back into operation. EELL is equipped to reverse engineer your motor core laminations within 24 hrs and have finished  motor laminations within days of getting test cut approvals.

Rotary Notching

Rotary notching is a viable manufacturing solution for laminations upto 1500mm diameter range with medium volume requirements. Often, repair shops will see common motor cores come through the shop on a monthly basis. When this is the case, Rotary Notching becomes a very viable solution. For a relatively low investment in hard tooling, you could realize a large cost savings in the cost of laminations relative to laser cutting. Rotary notching is a viable solution for repair shops that see the same motor cores month after month.

Lamination Refurbishment

Motor Cores are often exposed to mechanical conditions that deteriorate the lamination coating over time. As a result your motor core will begin to develop hot spots that can be seen in thermal photography images. If caught soon enough, before the laminations in your motor cores short out, you can prevent physical damage to the motor core. This being the case, the motor core laminations can be recoated in order to bring your re-stacked motor core back to normal operating conditions. This process is a very cost effective and is a quick turn-around solution to getting your motor core back into operation without new lamination replacements. Refer to our section on Lamination Coating

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