Rotors 876mm outside diameter 112 slots
Rotors 876mm outside diameter 112 slots

Laminations for Motor & Generator

With vast experience, EELL is your motor & generator partner of choice. Our sales and technical staff will assist in customizing a manufacturing solution using one or a combination of the following manufacturing methods: Lamination Stamping, Rotary Notching, Laser Cutting, Segmental Notching and Re Coating. Having a large variety of production methods ensures we can provide a match for you in terms of lead time, cost and accuracy.

  • Lamination Stamping
    1. Blanking

      Compound Stamping - This method of manufacturing produces a complete part in one blow or produces a blank for subsequent notching. This process inherently produces superior concentricity, flatness and location.

    2. Progression

      Progressive Stamping - Often called "high speed stamping" this method of manufacturing can produce a complete part with no secondary operations. Used in conjunction with an automatic feed, this process produces high quantities of parts in a short amount of time. Progressive stamping is ideal for complex parts with precision tolerances.

  • Notching - An economical solution for large laminations that reduces tooling cost and lead time. Notching is also a viable option to combine with laser cutting blanks to produce a tight tolerance, competitive prices and shorter lead times.
    1. Rotary Notching

      Material can often be optimized by producing a Rotor from the Stator. Laminations can be cut up to a 1500mm Dia.

    2. Segmental Notching

      EELL uses CNC segmental notching machines which provide excellent slot spacing tolerances. Our multifunctional presses reduce the number of operations required which results in more competitive prices with cost reductions on complicated tooling.

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